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Department of Energy (DOE)

From 1993-1999 RAI worked with the U.S. Department of Energy regarding its nuclear weapons complex.  Initially advising the Department Secretary on developing and implementing a manpower planning process in response to legislation requiring the conversion of all of the Department's nuclear weapons facilities to other uses.

The plan was accepted by the Department, the contractors who ran the sites, and all 26 unions at the sites. This plan led to the revision of the remediation contract bid process from a cost-plus system to a performance-based system.

Subsequently RAI helped the contractor at one large site, with a long history of highly adversarial labor relations, develop a successful cooperative relationship with labor. At another facility, RAI worked with the Department, the contractor and the two unions on site to develop an innovative labor-management partnership that led to a restructuring of the organization and  the successful clean up and conversion of the site more than six years ahead of schedule and several $100s of million dollars cost savings.

Department of Energy (DOE): Clients
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