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Service Offerings

Clients working with RAI benefit from nearly four decades of experience applying our skills and methodologies across a broad range of industries and organizations achieving enduring results.

Services: Projects
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Performance Improvement

  • Design and implement of high performance organizations and new work systems.

  • Rapid cycle performance improvement. 

  • Design and implement performance-based pay systems.

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Labor Relations Consulting

  • Develop collaborative relationships with unions.

  • Stabilize existing union-management and workplace relations. 

  • Create strategic labor-management relationships and partnerships.

  • Design and implement alternative dispute and issue resolution systems.

  • Train and facilitate interest-based negotiations, interest-based problem-solving and conflict resolution.

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Organization and Culture Change

  • Create engagement culture.

  • Facilitate management and organizational culture change.

  • Design and implementation of innovative performance management systems.

  • Design and implementation of training and communications systems.

  • Internalization of capability and system support.

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Strategy Development

  • Develop strategic visions and implementation planning.

  • Develop behavioral metrics for vision, values, goals and objectives.

  • Develop shared understanding of business and challenges.

If you have a performance challenge, contact us.

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