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Cinergy (now Duke Energy)

Over two decades,  RAI was hired by the company for multiple projects.  Acquired by and renamed “Duke Power” in 2005 Cinergy was for many years one of the largest diversified electrical gas utilities in the US.  Three International unions spread over five local unions were present in the company.

In 2003, Cinergy and IBEW Local 1347, asked RAI to design, organize, lead, and facilitate a collaborative process to reduce healthcare costs.

In addition, RAI organized and facilitated a senior management and union leadership Strategy Committee to examine employee disengagement, to develop a plan to engage employees, and setting overall strategy for improving the organization.  RAI also facilitated the work of an associated Executive Committee, charged with translating into policy and action the decisions and directives of the Strategy Committee.  Subsequent subcommittees - created at the bequest of the Strategy Committee and/or Executive Committee - and related to specific issues such as performance improvement, organizational change, communications, short-term disability plan, and contract administration, were led and facilitated by RAI.

In the 1990s, RAI also worked over multiple years with senior-level Cinergy management and its four unions on several initiatives.

Cinergy (now Duke Energy): Clients
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