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Kaiser Permanente

President Obama Praises Kaiser Permanente's Labor Management Partner 

Since 1996 Restructuring Associates Inc (RAI) has worked with Kaiser Permanente management and its AFL-CIO unions collaboratively to design and implement what became known as the Labor-Management Partnership (LMP)—the largest, most complex and longest lived in the world--as a core piece of an overall strategy to turn around the company.

For the last 25 years, RAI has worked with management and KP unions to implement, renew, and strengthen the LMP to improve organizational performance which helped make KP the leading health care provider in every market in which it operates, and the world-wide benchmark for the delivery of healthcare. 

In addition RAI has also been centrally involved in helping to resolve disputes, and facilitate both local and the national contract negotiations using interest based processes.

The outstanding success of the LMP has been well documented by international scholars and the press. Please see Case Studies/Articles for more information on RAI’s work with Kaiser Permanente.

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