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Why Our Clients Choose RAI

Performance = People

Why Choose RAI: FAQ

RAI facilitates and guides a process rather than dictates a solution.

Because people only act on that which they help create. RAI led change processes include all effected labor and management in the process to build enduring, high-performance organizations. Our collaborative engagement approach is tailored to design changes to address the specific nuances in each organization.

RAI is a trusted name, with a long, successful track record harnessing the power of employees to produce positive, sustained performance improvement.

RAI has been serving well-known, name-brand clients in a broad cross-section of industries—public-for-profit, private and public sector--in the USA and abroad for nearly 40 years.  RAI routinely works with clients five to ten plus years, working on multiple projects and initiatives.

RAI is extremely responsive and sensitive to client needs.

RAI understands that resolving complex organizational challenges is not simple. Clients enjoy working with RAI not only because of the company's unique expertise, but also because we place an emphasis on respect, camaraderie and trust. As a neutral party with an emphasis on helping both unions and management solve their problems, integrity is at our core.

RAI is called when the challenges are the hardest to solve.

  • The challenge or problem is complex, and resolution involves potential conflict

  • No common or shared understanding of the problems that exist

  • Multiple legitimate stakeholders need to commit to the solution

  • No single or known solution

  • Traditional efforts to address the problem not considered viable

  • Solution requires system and behavioral changes

  • Solution requires ongoing management and implementation effort to produce results

If you have a performance challenge, contact us.

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