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Australia Post

RAI [through Schneider (Australia) Consulting Pty] partnered with Australia Post for 8 years to design and implement new, high performance work structures and systems across its Letters Processing Facilities; a strategy which was a key element in the Corporation’s $600m “Future Post” investment in new high speed mail processing technology. 

Working at all levels and across most Australian states, the work began with the development and execution of a corporate strategy to implement an internal design process for two new greenfield sites.  Subsequently RAI advised management in line and corporate support roles, led site-based design and implementation activities, managed the engagement of unions in the reform effort, trained and developed managers and staff to work in new team-based work organizations, conducted ongoing evaluation and updating of deployment plans, and assisted in the further development of corporate HRM policy directions in the areas of leadership, employee engagement, and rewards strategies. 

The new work systems have been implemented without conflict, achieving or exceeding all corporate performance goals.

The high performance design as implemented has been validated through formal evaluations (both internal and independent), and examined as a best practice model by other corporations (e.g. Coles Myer’s Supplying Excellence Program).

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